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CMI Best is a modern marketing format which is a combination of Traditional Marketing and Multi Level Marketing. If you purchase goods from a shop or a mart for your family's needs, then CMI Best is the Best Business Opportunity for you. Till today you have been spending money on shopping but From CMI Best you can earn money by shopping.

Even though CMI Best is a Multi Level Marketing Company, it delivers the same products that you have always been buying earlier. By joining CMI Best as a Registered Consumer for free, you can avail all the benefits related to purchase. But in order to make money, you have to join the company as a Business Associate. Anyone can buy products from CMI Best even if he/she is not registered with the Company.

Every product that you purchase from CMI Best is 100% genuine and available to you at a market competitive price. CMI Best does not offer you a job like making money by selling products. Here all you have to do is to purchase products from CMI Best at a lesser price as compared to the market and give this concept to others and just by doing this you can earn lakhs and corers of rupees.

Vision & Mission

  • Aims to become World’s one of the most trusted MLM Company which is going to make a revolutionary change in MLM industry.
  • We are committed to making world leaders in CMI Best business by providing an opportunity to organize your own profitable and stable business.
  • The high social relevance of the company and its Business Associates.
  • Enhance customer satisfaction, product quality, and delivery.
  • Support people to achieve to their business objectives.
  • Mission of Best Quality & 100% Purity.

The Decision Makers of CMI Best..

Dr Vijaykumar Kharat

(Founder, Chairman & Managing Director)

Dr. Vijayakumar Kharat, Founder President of CMI BEST is a medical professional who has completed his medical education from Dr. Punjabrao Deshmukh Memorial Medical College, Amravati.

Dr. Vijayakumar Kharat has been associated with MLM industry for the past 20 years and has an in-depth study of this industry. The MLM industry has the ability to make an ordinary person to an extraordinary person and Dr. Vijaykumar Kharat’s goal is to make many successful entrepreneurs through this industry.

Along with the MLM industry, Dr. Vijaykumar Kharat is also involved in real estate, FMCG industry and film production.

Dr. Vijaykumar Kharat's organization Club My India is a social organization and through this organization he participates in various social activities. Under Club My India organization he works in various fields like women empowerment, social work, education, health, entertainment, environment and responsible citizenship.

Message From the Chairman’s Desk :

Welcome to the World of CMI Best a revolutionary concept by Club My India. Club My India was established with the objective of doing something good for the society and country.
The ultimate goal of Club My India is Healthy India, Prosperous India, Happy India.
Unemployment is a huge problem in our country today. People are worried about their daily livelihood. Many people want to do business but the capital required for the business and the knowledge required for the business are big problems.
And with these things in mind, Club My India has come up with an awesome project called CMI Best through which a huge solution to these problems will emerge.
Another major aim of Club My India is adulteration-free India as adulteration is causing many health problems in society. CMI BEST is providing 100% genuine and adulteration-free products to the community.
Of course, let us all build a new prosperous India together.
Wish You All The Best ..!

Dr Vijaykumar Kharat
Chairman - Club My India
Founder Chairman - CMI Best

The Decision Makers of CMI Best..

Ganesh Tidke


Nikhil P Harkal


Milind Singanjude